What is it about paint fumes that brings out the truly great "what if's" hiding in the back of our minds? It's true. While customizing bicycle and motorcycle frames in the corner workshop space of a partially occupied warehouse, Will Flores (Bodylux owner and creative mastermind) started thinking about what could happen if he dropped his friend Kat's chiropractic/massage practice idea into the adjacent open space.

Well, several months later The Bodylux was born. Now just over four years into it's existence, the center of the warehouse is home to THE BODYLUX & Rockwell Body Mechanics with 2 chiropractic working spaces and several amazing and oh-so-comfy sitting areas. The motorcycle shop is now the home to LitUp Chicago, retail custom lighting show room. The creative space looks like an old-time, Chicago speak-easy, but functionally it is a current bodywork operation.

Built in 1918, the warehouse was originally a creamery. In the 70's it was purchased by a graphics company. (That's why we have tracks on the floor where big print machinery slid back and forth.) Unfortunately that business, like many industrial operations, are no longer. Rather than let the space sit dead, the owner and neighborhood encouraged small businesses to take a chance on opening up shop in a non-traditional space. Will and Kat took the bait.

Speaking of vacuum's on top of ledges...

As you walk through the studio, you'll definitely crack a smile at what you see. You can't miss the leopard couch or the huge secretary's desk that has a place to bolt down your typewriter...not your iPad...your clickety-key, black metal, ribbon-fed typewriter.

But when you walk through The Bodylux studio, you'll immediately see the ledges. When we were designing the space, we knew the massage rooms needed to be more noise and temperature controlled than some of the other spaces. So we built them like boxes within a big box. It is essentially a take on the 1920's when storefronts needed to create private offices within large, open rectangular buildings.

There's a good amount of space between the roof of the rooms and the tall ceilings, so we make use of that space to present vintage items that entertain you while you figure out if that really is a vacuum on the ledge...

As long as we're on the subject of lights, it's a warehouse. It can be a little dark. It has shadowy corners. Will, a former electrician, was saddled with the "let there be light" task. He's taken it to a new level and having fun putting an antique spin on it at the same time. We have many vintage floor lamps, desk lamps, hanging lamps that are sporting old-style "Edison" bulbs. If you slow down your stroll through the Bodylux, you can find the canning jar sconces, two 1940's Art deco space heaters that have been converted into table lamps, some really cool hanging spotlights and lots of stuff you'd probably find at Home Depot or Menards.

Why this era and design? We think it's a time that really suits our style and our clientele (hard working class). The colors we used are strong and interesting and really compliment the time and the structure. This era was also the time when things were well made and built to last-- as is our philosophy on the type of work we do here. You should feel like you really got your money's worth by enjoying the long lasting benefits from a quality massage therapy treatment, a service that will render great results long after your initial visit.

The bottom line is that we think we should enjoy the space we spend so much time in. It should feel good to those who are being worked on. I know we've had fun putting it together. And SO MANY others have enjoyed helping us do it. Thanks to all who have joined in the fun. And welcome to all you who are soon to stop on by.