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THE BODYLUX Massage experience

With everyone working overtime and trying to work out, our bodies get drained, fatigued and overworked. Though there are innumerable places in Chicago to find a relaxation massage, there are few that can also identify and address the issues which cause us to need such therapeutic work.

OuR Massage Therapy Approach

THE BODYLUX recognizes that each client walks into our studio with complex, unique, attention desired needs.  Whether you are an athlete, a mom-to-be, corporate professional or all of the above, THE BODYLUX is prepared to meet those needs by providing:

•    Well-educated, practiced, trained professionals
•    High standard of quality in all services
•    A diverse, flexible approach to wellness
•    A lush, comforting environment which encourages a temporary escape from the world outside

Massage as an alternative form of healing

Though treating yourself to a massage may feel like one of those extras, it's not. At THE BODYLUX, we have made our selves affordable, available, and accessible so our clients can enjoy our services on a regular basis and truly start using massage as a service to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

Massage Studio
American Massage Therapy Association

Therapists at THE BODYLUX Massage Therapy abide by the Code of Ethics of the industry standards described by the American Massage Therapy Association.